Mik Monsters

When my children were small, the day came when they began to worry about dangerous things that at night could hide in the dark corners... in wardrobes, under beds... behind doors...
To make the evil spirits, monsters and other scary demons less frightful, we began to process the fear together.

We started by making monsters out of normal things at home... like saucepans, fruits, chairs, toothpaste, vegetables, trousers... and wellington boots.
Things that actually not could be monsters, (and precisely because of that) were well suited for small children to practise on, as monsters... thus Monsters for Beginners.
And the somewhat confused Toothbrush monster (above) was the very first monster of them all. 
When Monsters for Beginners were finished, we went on making monsters of all letters.
Where monsters live
The Alphabet monsters are funny and useful. To look at, to learn to know, to become friends with.
And perhaps to be a bit pedagogical, it can serve as an aid when it comes to learning how to read.
Of course the Alphabet monsters live in the Alphabet Monster's World. Although, it's more like an idea than true reality, as such things are.
Anyhow, there you will find the Biscuit dessert, the Raspberry sea, the Chocolate moorland and the Lemonade waterfall; among others.

When the whole alphabet was transformed into monsters, big and small, it was only natural to include the numbers as well. And so we did.
You will find them all here.
As Mikki himself created the monster families, they have been named Mik Monsters. I think that's reasonable. 
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