About Mikki
Mikki is Mikael Wallmark.
Born in the northern part of Sweden, in the city Jokkmokk, located above the Arctic Circle, in 1949.
Growing up, I was amongst settlers and laps, reindeers, rivers, lakes and endless creative wilderness.
By 15 years of age I was brought to civilization for to receive education and play sports.
I studied zoology, botany and chemistry at the University of Umeå.
I played basketball and soccer, had my first beer (or two), and graduated.
For the next thirty years I devoted myself to marketing, communication and business.

Staloluokta 1985
Recently though, I shifted on to specialize in illustration because I knew it to be necessary to make my dream come true.
Right now, I am comfortably seated in the very heart of Malmö, just a bridge away from Copenhagen and the big, big world.
You are all welcome to get in contact by sending mail or giving me a call... or not at all.
There is more about Mikael at LinkedIn.
Don't hesitate to connect with me there.
(Wilderness photo left, by Monika)
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